Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. A Cinematic debacle that begs to be revisited

Back in 1986, and after acquiring the rights to the comic book character Superman from Alexander & Ilya Salkind for a very respectable sum of money, Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, from the Cannon Group Inc, proceeded to embark on the making of the next installment in the Superman saga that would bring the series […]

Superman Lives: The Superman movie that never was

Back in 1997, and after a decade without a Superman movie being released on the big screen, Jon Peters, producer of Batman (1989), acquired, by chance, the rights for the famous comic book character practically under Warner Bros’ noses, who didn’t even know that the rights were up for grabs, and still believed were legally […]

Superman Returns: A failed but worthy attempt.

This will be the first of my Superman related posts that I will write to illustrate the different incarnations of the popular comic book character in both the big and small screen. These will be done in no particular order, since I’m more inclined to do the more controversial or, shall we say, “maligned” ones […]

Eyes Wide Shut

A biting comment on today’s personal relationships and especially, those whitin the Marriage institution. Back in 1999, when Kubrick’s posthumous movie came out, everyone was expecting something sensational. Unfortunately, even though it was sensational, it wasn’t in the way people were expecting it to be. Rumours of a rather stressfull shoot and, that the content […]

Barry Lyndon

The Underrated masterpiece Much has been said over the years about Stanley Kubrick’s filmography, and though most people tend to go for his Hallmark movies like Dr Strangelove, A Clockwork Orange and especially, 2001: A Space Odyssey, most viewers or even followers of his body of work, tend to forget about his most underrated movie, […]