Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Copy and paste.

There was little doubt, after The Last Jedi came out back on December 2017, that some course-correcting would have to be done, after the massive disappointment that the movie was for the hardcore Star Wars fanbase.

Things had been left on such a state of disarray from a story standpoint, so many concepts and ideas planted by the previous movie, tossed aside, that it would be an almost insurmountable task to fix what damage had been done, and deliver a movie that would both, take the story to a satisfying conclusion, and please hard-die fans. Sadly, neither of those goals are achieved.

In spite of the excellent production values, especially regarding its use of old school practical effects, and the overall top-notch artistry that went on behind the camera to bring this movie to light, the script is an unmitigated mess, with non-existent character development, silly humour, a ludicrous plot, and one of the most stupid, and insulting conclusions to a major saga ever seen on-screen.

It is no surprise that things went the way they did; with the widely publicized rumours of all the behind the scenes mayhem; the constant script re-writes, the numerous editings, and endings tested, failed audience screenings, that by the time the movie came out, practically all of the main plot points had been leaked to the media, and Disney was bracing for a massively negative audience reaction.

In spite of the bad place where The Last Jedi left the story, surely a better script could’ve been written to iron out most of the movie’s silliness, and deliver a more satisfying final product. Alas, that wasn’t to be.

What we basically get is a story centered around Daisy Ridley’s Rey character, which forgoes all any other character development. It’s all about her. Whoever is into Rey as a character, is in for a treat.

Everything else is a two-hour long Easter egg filled trailer, that showcases most of the Saga’s iconography, and characters. Not in any meaningful way, mind you, but as mere fan service filler that does nothing to move the story forward.

The main culprit here is a dreadful script, that all but feels that it was written on the fly, without much thought put into it, and in a rushed attempt to tick as many boxes as they could. The script has huge holes which a truck could drive through. Very few of the plot points laid out by the previous two movies are satisfyingly resolved; some, most of them from The Last Jedi; are outright ignored, as if they never existed. Most of the dialogue is atrocious, and the humour falls flat. It is such a disappointment that so much money, and resources, were put in the service of such an awful script. It’s a Frankenteinian copy and paste mess of a movie. Without giving anything away, the movie is a dismayingly bad way of ending the Skywalker Saga, and really un-worthy of its Star Wars status. It’s not as bad as The Last Jedi, but it’s still a fundamentally bad movie.

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