Hi there, film geeks

I’ve been enjoying movies from a very early age and my intention with this blog is to talk about my favourite movies and also share in a like minded forum my thoughts about the current status of cinema in the digital era, where everything is readily available, and going to a Movie Theater to see a movie is becoming increasingly rare and the norm is to stay home and download or watch movies from any of the various streaming services available to us nowadays.

I’d also like to talk about old tech, especially Laserdiscs, which is something that I got into at the tail end of its existence, when the technology was being rapidly replaced by the newest and more affordable DVD. It’s a rarity that’s becoming increasingly popular lately in many online forums, where the collection of Laserdiscs has become almost a trend. I don’t know of anyone in my personal circle who even knew about the technology before I showed them my personal collection.

And finally, I’ll be reviewing movies, both all time favourites and new releases that catch my eye. These will be my personal take on a particular movie, and will not necessarily represent the opinion of the general public. It’s important to point this out, I think, since some people get upset about this sort of thing.

Anyhow, those are my ideas for this blog and I’ll be dropping my first fully fledged post very soon…

See you around….

Published by flickgeeky

Love cinema and everything that has to do with it, from the screenwriting to the filmmaking process, acting, to its final presentation on the big screen and finally, to its home media release

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